Welcome to COACH

To begin using the system, you need to know the following three basic steps to make use of the system.

  • Log In
  • Getting Help
  • Log Off

    At the first page, you must have noticed User Name and Password; Logon Button and Logon Help link.

    Log In:

  • To begin with using the system, you need to input your Login User Name and Password (both the fields are required) and then click Log On button.
    Note: User Name is not case sensitive but Password is case sensitive.
  • While logging into the system, you may be allowed to confirm your password i.e. change your password by entering your old password and confirming your new password. This will enable you to change your password as required. Note: The maximum length allowed for password is 10 characters.
  • A click on Logon Help link brings you to the current page you are viewing.
  • Depending on your company profile, if you mistype your password a certain number of times, the system will lock your account from entering the system. You must contact your administrator to reset your password before you can make use of the system again.

    Getting Help

  • At every page of the system, you will see the ‘show me how’ link beneath the summary box. A click on the link will assist you (at the separate left most browser column of each page) on how to make use of the page. Another click on the link (which will be changed to close the show me how) will close the help page.
  • At every page of thy system, you will also see the ‘tell me more’ link beneath the summary box. A click on the link will assist you on what information to be used for the particular page. This will be opened on a different window.
  • If you need more information, click Help from the top right hand corner on any page.

    Log Off

  • At the upper right most corner of every page will be the Log Off button. A click on this button will log you (the user) out from the system as required.

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